About the Data File

This CSV file contains a list of all N+1 individuals infected during the course of the epidemic.

First column (A) Infected individuals case # from 0 (index case) to N (last case)
Second column (B) 0 is a community case; 2 is a healthcare worker case
Third column (C) is the day individual got infected (t=0 is first day) and (N+1)st row, second column is the final day of the epidemic
Next three columns (D-F) respectively, day of first infectiousness, day of death/recovery, day of isolation if less than day of death/recovery
Column G (type) 0 is an individual that recovers/dies before being isolated; 1 is an individual that is isolated before recovery/death
Column H (n) number of individuals infected by individual in column A (i.e. number of “offspring”)
Remaining columns (I, J, K, …) number of columns given by the maximum over all values in Column H; the numbers in these columns respectively refer to the ID number of the first, second, third, … etc individuals infected by the individual designated in Column 1 of this row; first 0 to appear in this row implies no further offspring for the individual list in Colulmn 1 of this row.